PodCastle Collection 1

PodCastle Collection 1

PodCastle Collection 1: March 12 to September 30, 2008

PodCastle is the world’s first fantasy audio magazine. Each week, Rachel Swirsky and Ann Leckie bring you short stories across the spectrum of fantasy from leading authors and new discoveries. Stories include magical realism to urban fantasy to slipstream to high fantasy, and everything in between.

This disc contains the first seven months of PodCastle, over fifteen hours of fiction in high-quality MP3 format.

Metacast #1 Rachel Swirsky
PC001: Come Lady Death Peter S. Beagle
Miniature 001:Stone BornLoreen Heneghan
PC002:For Fear of DragonsCarrie Vaughn
PC003:Run of the Fiery HorseHilary Moon Murphy
Miniature 002:GiantStephanie Burgis
PC004:GoosegirlMargaret Ronald
PC005:The Ant King: A California Fairy TaleBenjamin Rosenbaum
Miniature 003:PahwahkeGord Sellar
PC006:Hotel Astarte M.K. Hobson
PC007:Fear of Rain Robert T. Jeschonek
PC008:The Osteomancer’s Son Greg van Eekhout
Miniature 004:Hippocampus M.K. Hobson
PC009:Wisteria Ada Milenkovic Brown
PC010:Magic in a Certain Slant of Light Deborah Coates
PC011:Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery John Schoffstall
PC012:Barrens Dance Peter S. Beagle
Miniature 005:Directions Caleb Wilson
PC013:Spell of the Sparrow Jim C. Hines
PC014:The Grand Cheat Hilary Moon Murphy
PC015:The Yeti Behind You Jeremiah Tolbert
Miniature 006:Eating Hearts Yoon Ha Lee
PC016:Magnificent Pigs Cat Rambo
PC017:Goblin Lullaby Jim C. Hines
Miniature 007:Tooth Fairy Jeffrey Valka
PC018:Illuminated Dragon Sarah Prineas
PC019:Galatea Vylar Kaftan
Miniature 008:Believe Katherine Sparrow
PC020:Cup and Table Tim Pratt
PC021:Hallah Iron-Thighs and the Change of LifeK.D. Wentworth
Miniature 009:What Dragons Prefer Dayle A. Dermatis
PC022:Dead Girl’s Wedding March Cat Rambo
Metacast #2 Rachel Swirsky
Giant PC023: Moon Viewing at Shijo BridgeRichard Parks
Miniature 010:The Desires of Houses Haddayr Copley-Woods
PC024:It Takes a Town Stephen V. Ramey
Miniature 011:The Fable of the Moth Peter S. Beagle

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