Drabblecast Season 1

Drabblecast Season 1

Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners … such as yourself.

The Drabblecast presents short stories with music and audio effects second to none. Many Drabblecast stories are from some of today’s most distinguished authors, who want to find a place to publish fun stories they have written about Orca whales with laser guns on their heads. The host Norm Sherman and editors Kendall Marchman and Luke Coddington also air high-quality material submitted by audience members who are talented but unknown. The Drabblecast aims to present stories too eccentric, disturbing, funny, and downright fun for more dignified genre publications.

Norm frequently presents news about nature’s strangest animals. The Drabblecast has earned a large and enthusiastic community of listeners.

This disc contains the first six months of The Drabblecast, February 21 through August 22, 2007.

Episode Title Author
1 The Coughing Dog Norm Sherman
2 Longing for Love: A Unicorn’s Story Lindsay Anderson
3 Next Stop Luke Coddington
4 Uncle Ollie’s Gift Kendall Marchman
5 Guardians Norm Sherman
6 The Frog Prince Shirley Beaman and Norm Sherman
7 Rutabaga Norm Sherman
8 Epiphany Adam Carvin
9 Vengeance at 4 am Lindsay Anderson
10 A Little Black Death Lance Arthur
11 Black and White Animals I: Secret Weapons Drabblecast Staff
12 Free Willy 2.4 Anna Luther
13 RORRIM Paul Clement Czaja
14 Mouse Oscar Jackson
15 Roanax Norm Sherman
16 I-81 Luke Coddington
17 Morton Adam Carvin
18 The One that Got Away J Alan Pierce
19 Sredni Vashtar Saki
20 A Day with Daddy Brian J Smith
21 The Metamorphosis of the Phospohorescent Avenger Daniel Ausema
22 Black and White Animals II: Vengeful Hearts Drabblecast Staff
23 Momentum Kevin Anderon
24 Black and White Animals III: Chromatic Conclusions Drabblecast Staff
25 The Worm Within Vincent Eaton
26 Once Upon a Hill in This City Lida Broadhurst
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