Drabblecast Season 2

Drabblecast Season 2

Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners … such as yourself.

Each episode of The Drabblecast presents a Drabble (a story exactly 100 words long) and follows it with a short story with music and audio effects second to none. Many Drabblecast stories are from some of today’s most distinguished authors, who want to find a place to publish fun stories they have written about Orca whales with laser guns on their heads. The host Norm Sherman and editors Kendall Marchman and Luke Coddington also air high-quality material submitted by audience members who are talented but unknown. The Drabblecast aims to present stories too eccentric, disturbing, funny, and downright fun for more dignified genre publications.

Norm frequently presents news about nature’s strangest animals. The Drabblecast has earned a large and enthusiastic community of listeners.

This disc contains the second six months of The Drabblecast, August 29, 2007, through February 20, 2008.

Ep#StoryStory AuthorDrabbleDrabble Author
27CrazyPatricia Russo
28The Hog-Faced ManMark Fewell
29Code BrownDermot Glennon
302084Tom Williams
31Office ConsultationJeffrey Scott Simms
32The Warden’s Last DayAnden Sharp
33Dessert StormPaul Neads and Chris Newbould
34The SuitG.W. Thomas
35The Guilt TraderMike Hood
36Pumpkin SeedsKevin Anderson
37Luna SpringsPatrick Hurley
38Trifecta I:
38WitnessSusan McElehran
38Wiggin’s General StoreBasil Godevenos
38Pork and Steak-Eye Meet Phelan SheppardGrahm Feilding
39The BeekeepersJ Alan Pierce
40MarblesAyn SauerShark AttackAyn Sauer
41Set Another Place at the Table, I’m Bringing my PimpleKim McDougallUrgent RequestAmina Fatima
4240 QuartersTom Williams
43Jelly ParkAliya WhiteleyChoosing HomeJosh Hugo
44The Arc of HronosAnden SharpCan You Guess My NameGreg Gibby
45A Fine PointGary Cuba
46The She-WolfSakiSour Cream ScreamFaith Gardner
47The Silver RingJoanna Hall
48The Destiny of ManDrew ArrantsDeath at the Bowling AlleyKeith Burnett
49Heart to HeartChris KastensmidtSwept Off Her FeetGary Lee
50Trifecta II:
50ChiGreg van Eekout
50HeadroomTom Williams
50Performance AnxietyWeldon Burge
51CrimsonRob Haines
52Sleep AgeJacob Sewell
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