Drabblecast Season 3

Drabblecast Season 3

Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners … such as yourself.

Each episode of The Drabblecast presents a Drabble (a story exactly 100 words long) and follows it with a short story with music and audio effects second to none. Many Drabblecast stories are from some of today’s most distinguished authors, who want to find a place to publish fun stories they have written about Orca whales with laser guns on their heads. The host Norm Sherman and editors Kendall Marchman and Luke Coddington also air high-quality material submitted by audience members who are talented but unknown. The Drabblecast aims to present stories too eccentric, disturbing, funny, and downright fun for more dignified genre publications.

Norm frequently presents news about nature’s strangest animals. In this season, he concludes some episodes with a “Bbardle”, a comedy song written by the request of a donor. The Drabblecast has earned a large and enthusiastic community of listeners.

This disc contains the third six months of The Drabblecast, February 27 through September 3, 2008.

Ep# TitleAuthor
53Short StorySingKristine Kathryn Rusch
53DrabbleBlessed SilenceAlfred Bilezerian
54Short StoryUnholy FruitKurt Kirchmeier
54DrabbleOlympic GoldKelley Zanfardino
55Short StoryCirce’sDamien Walter
56Short Story33 SecondsLB Sedlacek
56BbardlePlaying DeadNorm Sherman
57Short StoryThe Tiger Fortune PrincessEugie Foster
58Short StoryEggsMatthew Bey
58DrabbleOnly ColdNathan Barnes
59Short StoryThe InterviewKevin Anderson
60Short StoryDysfunctionRob Haines
60BbardleJuzt MizundrstoodNorm Sherman
61Trifecta III:
61Flash FictionKissesTobias S. Buckell
61Flash FictionWarmth of the SunSean Ruane
61Flash FictionMy Moustache: A Love StoryRalph Gamelli
62Short StorySizzleWeldon Burge
62DrabbleMissing YouMerrill Page
63Short StoryTime ShiftBen Pung
63Drabble360 DegreesDerek L. Palmer
64Short StoryThus Spake BleerboAhmed A Khan
64DrabbleHard RainK. Tempest Bradford
64BbardleSci-fi HighNorm Sherman
65Short StoryOld Clara’s FavoritesJonathan C. Gillespie
66Short StoryCreatures in DisguiseJames Shackell
67Short StoryMalishMike Resnick
68Short StoryThe Wiggly PeopleEugie Foster
69Short StoryThe Story TellerSaki
70Short StoryRealty Bites!Jim Bernheimer
71Short StoryPerfect Down FurtherMax Kraft
72Short StoryExitJeff Carlson
73Short StoryAll InPeter Atwood
74Short StoryWitchcraft in the HaremAliya Whiteley
75Trifecta IV:
75Flash FictionEphemeroptera’s LamentCraig Watson
75Flash FictionThe Crack in the Cosmic EggMike Resnick
75Flash FictionNo Strings AttachedThane Thompson
76Short StoryApologies All AroundJeff Soesbee
77Short StoryPermanent DetentionWeldon Burge
78Short StoryPanel DiscussionMark P. Morehead
79Short StoryLow-Carb CheesecakeNicky Drayden
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