Drabblecast Season 4

Drabblecast Season 4

Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners … such as yourself.

Each episode of The Drabblecast presents a Drabble (a story exactly 100 words long) and follows it with a short story with music and audio effects second to none. Many Drabblecast stories are from some of today’s most distinguished authors, who want to find a place to publish fun stories they have written about Orca whales with laser guns on their heads. The host Norm Sherman and editors Kendall Marchman and Luke Coddington also air high-quality material submitted by audience members who are talented but unknown. The Drabblecast aims to present stories too eccentric, disturbing, funny, and downright fun for more dignified genre publications.

This disc contains the fourth six months of The Drabblecast, September 3, 2008 through February 25, 2009.

Ep# Title Author
79 Short Story Low-Carb Cheesecake
Nicky Drayden

Drabble My Nightmare
Nathan Hotovoy

Drabble Night of the Witches
Josh Charney and Andrew Culver
80 Short Story
Standing in Line
Michael Simon

Drabble The End
Kristian Korner
81 Short Story Snuffles Jamie Lackey

Drabble Chester Cleans the Kitchen
Liz Mierzejewski
Short Story
An Overgrown Clump of Narcissists
Thane Thompson

My Cat Was Killed By Fairies
Abbie Hilton
83 Short Story Floating Over Time
Robert Reed
Short Story
Hush and Hark, Metasciencefiction
Michael Swanwick
85 Flash Fiction
Strange Love
Suzanne Vincent

Flash Fiction
Jim Bernheimer

Flash Fiction
Forbidden Love
Ian Fossberg
Short Story Half-Sneeze Johnny
Kurt Kirchmeier

Drabble Allergies
Peter Wood
87 Short Story The Box Born Wraith
Kevin Anderson
88 Short Story
The Toys of Peace
89 Short Story Starry Night
Samantha Henderson

Drabble Please Allow the Door to Close
John Medaille
90 Short Story Far Far Away
Frank Key

Train Dreams
Matthew Bey
91 Short Story
Gifting Bliss: Fifteen Years Later, Jason Avery's Magic is Still Saving the World Josh Rountree
92 Short Story
J. Alan Pierce

Drabble Tainted Saul Lemerond
93 Short Story
Blue Mike Resnick

Ancient Apple
Shane Shennen
94 Short Story
Thomas Canfield

The Night Sky
95 Short Story
On Dasher
Jonathan C. Gillespie
96 Short Story L'wek and Sarah
Samantha Henderson

Drabble Any Day
Shane Shennen
97 Short Story
Daydream Nation
Paul Di Filippo

Drabble Cryosleep Jake Freivald
98 Short Story The Graggleberry Thief
Steve Clancey

Drabble Culling the Herd
Nicholas Empey
99 Short Story
Sarah's Window
Janni Lee Simner

Drabble We Slept Through the End of the World
Brian Baer
100 Flash Fiction
Cork Ringtone and the Break Dancing Pig
Mel Bosworth

Flash Fiction
Gerri's Sounds
Michelle Howarth

Flash Fiction
Cupid, Playing
Ken Goldman
101 Short Story
Bemused Michael R. Fosburg

Drabble A Gentleman Caller
Rodney Elliot
Short Story
The Last Dog
Mike Resnick

Drabble Rain in the Wind
Jake Freivald
103 Short Story Out of His League
Bruce Golden

Drabble Sammy Has a Good Day
Josh Hugo
104 Short Story The Food Processor
Michael Canfield

Drabble To Market
Carson Beker
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