Drabblecast Season 6

Drabblecast Season 6

Strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners … such as yourself.

Each episode of The Drabblecast presents a Drabble (a story exactly 100 words long) and follows it with a short story with music and audio effects second to none. Many Drabblecast stories are from some of today’s most distinguished authors, who want to find a place to publish fun stories they have written about Orca whales with laser guns on their heads. The host Norm Sherman and editors Kendall Marchman and Luke Coddington also air high-quality material submitted by audience members who are talented but unknown. The Drabblecast aims to present stories too eccentric, disturbing, funny, and downright fun for more dignified genre publications.

This disc contains the sixth season of The Drabblecast, September 25, 2009 through March 25, 2010.

Ep# Title Author
131 Short Story Storm Comes A' Callin'
Jeremiah Tolbert

Hanging Doug McIntyre
132 Short Story
A Bakers Dozen, The Wrong Cart
Bruce Holland Rogers
133 Short Story Over the Walls of Eden
Jay Lake
Short Story
Bone Sigh
Tim Pratt

Squid Ink
Abbie Hilton
135 Short Story "Hello," Said the Stick
Michael Swanwick

Drabble Eat the Dog
Reverend John Sleestaxx
Short Story
The Great Old Pumpkin
John Aegard

Drabble And Then the Whole Town Gets Their Brains Eaten
Ayn Sauer
137 Short Story
Quantum P.I., The Last Outlaw
Igor Teper

Drabble Yarn Steve Lidster
Short Story Kingdom Come
Kay Kenyon

Drabble Absent Minded Professor
Peter Recore
139 Short Story Now Let Us Praise Awesome Dinosaurs
Leonard Richardson
140 Flash Fiction
Invisibility for Beginners
Michael Swanwick

Flash Fiction
Bubbles Surge from Froth
Frank Key

Flash Fiction
Outside the Box
John Haggerty
141 Short Story On the Destruction of Copenhagen by the War Machines of the Merfolk
Peter M. Ball

Drabble The Tower
Bryan J. Jacob
142 Short Story The Golden Age of Fire Escapes Part I
John Aegard

Mongolian Deathworm (Just Another Lonely Night)
Norm Sherman
143 Short Story
The Golden Age of Fire Escapes Part II
John Aegard
144 Short Story
Nick Mamatas

Drabble Brush with Greatness
Rish Outfield
145 Short Story
Varmits! Steve Lowe

Drabble Pest Proportions
Ashley Nerbovig
146 Short Story
Teddy Bears and Tea Parties
S. Boyd Taylor

147 Short Story
Tim Pratt

Drabble Time Machine
Christopher K. Monroe
148 Short Story The Last Great Clown Hunt
Chris Furst
149 Short Story
So You're Going to Die
Robert Reed

Drabble Smoking Robots
Lawrence Simon
150 Short Story Morris and the Machine
Tim Pratt

Drabble Break Up
J. Alan Pierce
151 Short Story
The Society of Eccentric Moustaches
Daniel Lemoal

Drabble The Birthday Party
Josh Roseman
152 Flash Fiction
The Existential Lizard
Alisdair Stuart

Flash Fiction
Cod Philosophy
Stephanie Campisi

Flash Fiction
Monkeys Imitating Humans Imitating Monkeys
Nancy Stebbins
153 Short Story
What Fluffy Knew
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Drabble The Offering
Liz Mierzejewski
Short Story
Family Values
Sara Genge

Drabble The Stone Who Loved
Nathan Lee
155 Short Story The Second Conquest of Earth
L.J. Daly
156 Short Story
Going to the Chapel
Sandra Odell

Nathan Lee
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