Escape Pod Collection 02

Escape Pod Collection 02

Escape Pod Collection 2
November 8, 2005 to May 4, 2006

Escape Pod is the world’s first audio science fiction magazine. Hosted by Stephen Eley, each week Escape Pod delivers science fiction and fantasy short stories from today’s best authors, read by a team of talented narrators.

This CD collects the second six months of Escape Pod—nearly fifteen hours of science fiction and fantasy short stories, flash fiction, reviews, and bonuses in their original MP3 format.

The collection contains the following episodes:

Track Episode Title Author
1 EP027 Union Dues – Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw Jeffrey R. DeRego
2 EPInt001 Interview with Greg van Eekhout Scott Janssens
3 EPFlash014 Making Monsters Tim Pratt
4 EP028 Your Corporate Network and the Forces of Darkness Lucy A. Snyder
5 EP029 Crystal Balls Susie Hawes
6 EP030 Aliens Love Oranges Sue Burke
7 EP031 Robots and Falling Hearts Tim Pratt and Greg van Eekhout
8 EP032 Alien Animal Encounters John Scalzi
9 EP033 Santa in My Pocket Mur Lafferty
10 EPFlash015 Night Off Jason Erik Lundberg
11 EP034 Free Will, Baby Janni Lee Simner
12 EPReview005 Aeon Flux Jonathon Sullivan
13 EP035 Hero Scott Sigler
14 EP036 Connie, Maybe Paul E. Martens
15 EP037 Craphound Cory Doctorow
16 EPFlash016 Hibernation Madge E. Miller
17 EP038 L’Alchimista N.K. Jemisin
18 EP039 My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie Eugie Foster
19 EPFlash017 The Teammate Reference Problem in Final-Stage Demon Confrontation Constance Cooper
20 EP040 Even Vadsø Thaws Bruce Holland Rogers
21 EPFlash018 One Million Years B.F.E. Merrie Haskell
22 EP041 Ambient Sleaze Jeffrey R. DeRego
23 EPFlash019 Fools Seldom Differ Jeff Noyle
24 EP042 Practical Villainy Janni Lee Simner
25 EP043 Little Worker Paul Di Filippo
26 EP044 Show and Tell Greg van Eekhout
27 EP045 Are You Ready for the End of the World? Danny Adams
28 EPReview006 Night Watch Jonathon Sullivan
29 EP046 Natural Order Michael Jasper
30 EP047 Poet for Hire Sue Burke
31 EPReview007 Ultraviolet Jonathon Sullivan
32 EP048 Soul Food Paul E. Martens
33 EP049 Union Dues – Off White Lies Jeffrey R. DeRego
34 EP050 The Malcontent Stephen Eley
35 EP051 Is You Is / Is You Ain’t? Michael Canfield
36 EP052 Single White Farmhouse Heather Shaw
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