Escape Pod Collection 03

Escape Pod Collection 03

Escape Pod Collection 3
May 12 to November 8, 2006

Escape Pod is the world’s first audio science fiction magazine. Hosted by Stephen Eley, each week Escape Pod delivers science fiction and fantasy short stories from today’s best authors, read by a team of talented narrators.

This CD collects the third six months of Escape Pod—over seventeen hours of science fiction and fantasy short stories, flash fiction, reviews, and bonuses in high-quality MP3 format.

The collection contains the following episodes:

Track Episode Title Author
1 EP053 Seventy-Five Years Michael A. Burstein
2 EP054 Tk’tk’tk David D. Levine
3 EP055 Down Memory Lane Mike Resnick
4 EP056 The Clockwork Atom Bomb Dominic Green
5 EP057 Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned Scott Sigler
6 EP058 Shadowboxer Paul Di Filippo
7 EP059 Anyone Can Whistle David Walton
8 EPFlash020 Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier Larry Hammer
9 EPReview008 X-Men 3 Jonathon Sullivan
10 EP060 Creature for Hire Paul E. Martens
11 EPFlash021 Stuck in an Elevator With Mandy Patinkin Kitty Myers
12 EP061 I Look Forward to Remembering You Mur Lafferty
13 EP062 Union Dues – The Baby and the Bathwater Jeffrey R. DeRego
14 EP063 Observations from the City of Angels William Shunn
15 EPReview009 Superman Returns Jonathon Sullivan
16 EP064 Head of State Ed W. Marsh
17 EP065 A Green Thumb Tobias S. Buckell
18 EPReview010 A Scanner Darkly Paul R. Potts and Jonathon Sullivan
19 EP066 The King’s Tail Constance Cooper
20 EPFlash022 The Uncanny Valley Jared Axelrod
21 EP067 Life in Stone Tim Pratt
22 EPReview011 Snakes on a Plane Chris Miller and K.J. Johnson
23 EPReview012 Full Metal Yakuza, Robocop and Other Frankensteins Jonathon Sullivan
24 EP068 Depth of Field Stephen Dedman
25 EPInt002 Worldcon Survey Stephen Eley
26 EP069 Her Tobias S. Buckell
27 EP070 Squonk the Dragon Pete Butler
28 EP071 Capo of Darkness Laura Resnick
29 EP072 Joe Steele Harry Turtledove
30 EP073 Barnaby in Exile Mike Resnick
31 EP074 Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law Kevin J. Anderson
32 EP075 Nano Comes to Clifford Falls Nancy Kress
33 EP076 The Dinner Game Stephen Eley
34 EP077 A Single Shadow Stephen Dedman
35 EPReview013 Renaissance Jonathon Sullivan
36 EPFlash023 Act of Devil Paul S. Jenkins
37 EP078 The Shoulders of Giants Robert J. Sawyer
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