Let Us Ship You Past Episodes On Disc

You’ve found the Internet’s only shop for podcast archive discs and podcast specialty merchandise.

What is a podcast? A podcast is an audio show distributed over the internet as digital audio files (mp3). You can listen to them on your computer or digital audio player.

On their websites, these podcasts let you download individual episodes, or subscribe with iTunes or other programs that will automatically download new episodes as they are released.

But what about old episodes that you missed? The easiest way to get them is to have PodDisc ship you back episodes on a (data) DVD or set of (data) CDs. Not only is it convenient, it’s a way to financially support your favorite shows. Spoken word discs also make great gifts!

We removed the single disc collections from the site to reduce clutter and because almost nobody orders them. THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE! We will be glad to provide them to you. Just send us a message and we'll get you taken care of. Still $10.

A word about data DVDs; In the interest of conservation we are promoting the more eco friendly DVDs rather than sets of CDs. It saves money, fuel, time, and karma. If you indeed need your stories on data CDs we will be glad to provide them to you. Just let us know.

NOTE THIS: If you think you might have seen products in the store that are now missing, well, you are right! There have been some abductions. Not to worry, all will be recovered eventually. We are in the process or rebuilding things around here. As the bits and pieces are recovered we will put make them available again. Drop a message on us if you want something specific and we'll put that to the head of the list. Thanks.


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